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Marc Bell

Here at Game the System, we have a passion for the people that play. We want to explore what that means, and why it’s important.

Why do we play games? What does it mean to us? Have they made an impact on decisions in life - relationships, careers?

There are many ways to look at games - their development, release, and comparisons with their contemporaries. Here at Game the System, we feel the story only starts here. It’s now the players who build on this creation and make it a full experience. One that can capture the imagination and change lives for thousands of individuals.

Let's talk about that and share why we play.

Marc Bell - Founder of Game the System, a passionate play enthusiast who has been involved in a number of community focused sites, blogs and groups for many years. Including Gamasutra, Digital Romance Lab, and the Challenge Network. A keen interest in the people that play, Marc likes to engage with other like-minded individuals and explore the people side of gaming - the stories, the places, the characters and environments that make these communities so diverse and vibrant.

You can contact Marc by emailing

Follow his exploits in gaming via @marcs_tweet


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