Game the System

Marc Bell

Established in 2016 and founded by Marc Bell, Game the System is best characterised by its tagline: people that play. While the website is the content hub, Game the System is more accurately a community and ethos around the celebration of human beings that play games. In particular, a focus on those humans that push boundaries and break walls. This exploration of the people that play includes a podcast, photographic articles and interviews, and channels for community engagement such as forums and discord chat.

Marc works with photographer Matthew Venables on articles, photography, and design. He also works with John Pansini and Matthew Tolhurst on the podcast, which is a more lighthearted look at classic and modern games, and the people they experience them with.

By promoting and sharing this passion for the people who play games, Game the System strives to increase the recognition of gamers who might be ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

You can contact Marc by emailing

Follow his exploits in gaming via @marcs_tweet

Principal Photography

Principal photography provided by Matthew Venables -



John Pansini - Podcast editor and contributor.

Matthew Tolhurst - Podcast contributor.