Welcome to the Magic Hands Pinball League home! 

Did someone say Selfie League?!

Yep! It was Josh Sharpe, and now we are following in his footsteps! We will essentially be using an identical rule set to Josh, however some things will be slightly different. 

Players have unlimited qualifying time at the nominated venue from the first of the month until the end of the month. The goal being to get the best score on as many machines as you can. Your top six games will be ranked and you will earn points based on how high your ranking is for that game. Your points are then added together to give you an overall ranking which will determine if you make it into the final.

-Final will be held the first Sunday in the following month.
-No joining fee.
-Only cost is paying for the games you play.
-Will actually be worth some WPPRS..!

To register your score you need to take a picture of yourself, with your score in the background. You can either email it to magichandspinball@gmail.com, or post it to the blog here.



(as stolen from Genex. https://orangenex.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/san-francisco-super-selfie-league-rules/)

This is the official ruleset for the Sydney Super Selfie League.

In general we will follow the joint IFPA/PAPA ruleset which many players should be familiar with.

Rulings are at the discretion of the tournament director and are final – players are responsible to know the rules of the tournament by consulting this page if they have any questions.

  • No buy-ins are allowed (ie, you cannot purchase an extra ball at the end of the game, even if the machine is set up to allow that).

  • No bangbacks or death saves are allowed.

  • Players should report all machine malfunctions.  Should a beneficial malfunction occur (including a ball becoming stuck during multi-ball play), the player must stop play ASAP — they may not take advantage of the malfunction

  • No holding scores:  Scores must be submitted in a timely fashion.  [SF Super Selfie League selfies within 12 hours]

  • Games must be finished before midnight on the day the tournament/game week closes.  Selfies must have a timestamp of 11:59:59 PM or earlier and must be submitted within an hour of the tournament closing.

  • No double dipping: You cannot submit a score for a game played as part of any other league or tournament where World Pinball Player Ranking points (WPPRs) are awarded.

  • Any player found cheating or breaking the rules will be suspended from play for a length of time depending on the offense.  Second time offenders will not be allowed to play ever again.

  • Any situations not covered by the rules will handled according to standard PAPA/IFPA Tournament Rules, which can be found at http://www.ifpapinball.com/menu/rules/.

If you have additional questions, please contact the tournament director via email.

August - The Annandale Hotel


Qualifying is currently open

17 Parramatta Road, Annandale
(Under the cinema)

Line up:
Guns n Roses
Monster Bash
Rolling Stones