May 2016 - Newcastle Monthly Open

Please post your selfies in the comments section below!

In the interest of keeping on the selfie trend, the "Newcastle Monthly Open" Pinball comp has been born.

Brett and I will be the tournament directors for this, with the support of the Pizza n Pinball lads (Chris and Dom) and Edy and his Supa Putt machines.

How does it work?

Qualifying: Open to all ages!!!

Open ended qualifying from 1/5/16 to 31/5/16, via unlimited coin drop (unlimited attempts) with a final on 4/6/16 between 2-6pm @ Supa Putt for May.

(Finals will alternate between PnP and Supa Putt each month)

Play 4 games at Supa Putt and 4 games at Pizza and Pinball.

Games for May:

Supa Putt: 

WH2O, Sopranos, Family Guy and NASCAR

Pizza and Pinball: 

GOT, KISS, Getaway-HSII and Monopoly

Post a pic of your score, with yourself in the picture (a selfie!), in either the comments below on this page, or directly to the tournament director (Brett) to register scores via email:

Note: Matchplay software can also be used to submit your score and selfie. A link will be added shortly.

Scores are ranked across best 6 games from the 8 available games.

Top 8 ranked to go into the finals (unless numbers are low, then it would be top 4).

Finals will be 2 x 4 player games based on ranks. Best of 3 games, lowest 2 scores of each group eliminated.

2 highest scores of each group to progress to a 4 player Final, best of 3 games to determine the winner and placings.

(in the event of low numbers, then the final will be a 4 player game, best of 6 games to determine winner and placings)

Where is Supa Putt and Pizza and Pinball and when are they open?

Newcastle Supa Putt: Turton Rd, Broadmeadow NSW 2292 (in the stadium complex) - Open 5 days Wed-Sun 10am to 5pm, Fri-Sat 10am to 10pm.

Pizza and Pinball: 51 Belford St, Broadmeadow NSW 2292 - Open Tuesday to Sunday 3:30pm to 10pm - Great pizza's available to keep you energy levels up!!!

Please let the ops know if you notice any machine issues.

Chris and Dom are always onsite and will try to assist as able - but remember they have a business to run and you may not be thier priority!

For Supa Putt add a detailed description of any issues to the page comments here and Edy will endeavour to assist as time permits.

Worst case use the rule "Play it as it lies", we are not playing for sheep stations, there is no prize money, just a regular helping of IFPA points for those who are keen and some pinball fun.

If you're headed to one or both sites at a particular time add a post to the comments, someone may join you for some games.

Any questions, ask below and I will update this post accordingly.

Hope to see all the Newie players get involved and support your local ops!!!