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BRISBANE: Death Valley Super Selfie League

Death Valley Super Selfie League

Thought we may as well join the Super Selfie Trend in Brisbane as it seems to be pretty popular! Jimmy and I will run this with All Pinball and Playwell looking after the games.

First tournament: Unlimited coin-drop qualifying from 1st May - 28th May on all 4 games at Death Valley. Top 8 proceed to PAPA-style finals on Sunday 29th of May at Midday. I'll be making a Facebook group to post photos of your best score as well as probably Matchplay for those who don't use Facebook.

IFPA approval has been given in principal and should be up on calendar shortly! Details of submission below:

Tournament Name: Death Valley Selfie Super League
Tournament Date/s: 1st May - 28th May Unlimited Qualifying - Final on Sunday May 29th from Midday
Director Name: John (Jack) Hutchinson & James Angliss
Director Email:

Tour Website:
Tour Address: Death Valley - 639 Wynnum Rd, Morningside QLD 4170
Format Type: 1 month of unlimited qualifying for a PAPA style final with the top 8 splitting into two groups playing five games each - 4,2,1,0 scoring. The final 4 will then be formed where five more games will be played and the winner declared.
Private: N
Tour Info:Unilimited qualifying on all four games at Death Valley in the month of May, Finals on the 29th of May starting 12noon. See site for further details.

Estimated # players: 30
Maximum games to win: Unlimited qualifying on 4 games, plus 10 game final with double TGP for PAPA-style finals
Unlimited qualifying (Y/N): Y
If Yes, how many hours qualifying: 20+

For further information click on the link HERE to visit the forum page on Aussie Arcade.