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Coogee Flip Frenzy


Approved by Coogee Diggers, the Coogee Flip Frenzy will be held on Sunday, October 16. Number of players suggested that Saturday is a better day but unfortunately Saturdays are heavily booked out for other events.

We also changed the timing, starting the competition at 1PM so everyone has time to have lunch before the competition starts. This is a fast paced, fun format competition where the players need to be ready when it is their turn to play.

This format minimizes the (boring) waiting time, maximizes the number of games each player plays. Players also play different machines and different people most of the time.

There will be a limit of the number of the players in this comp, in our case 40. This is dictated by the number of machines we have available, all 15 machines will be used.

Each game is a two player game. Scores are not recorded, only a WIN and LOSS. I talked to Luke in Melbourne who ran this competition before and asked him to provide me with a concise description of the format.

At the start a random draw assigns two players to each machine. The remaining players are placed in one central queue.

When a game is completed:

- The loser stays on the same machine, unless he has lost twice in a row, in which case the winner stays on.

- The player leaving the machine moves to the back of the queue.

- The player staying on the machine plays in the same position (P1/P2) as he played in the previous game.

- The player at the front of the queue moves up to play the player staying on.

At the end of three hours (or 3.5 hours in our case) , no more games may start. The winner is the player with the most games won. Ties are broken by fewest losses.

More info will be available as soon as we can locked it in. There will be a flat fee to enter the competition and the machines will be set on free game.

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