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New Zealand Kiwi Pincade 2017

Welcome to Kiwi Pincade! This will be the 10th anniversary of this successful and enjoyable event so I hope you can make it here for a good time.

Recently Pincade has had 3 days in Auckland preceded by a day alternating between Christchurch and Wellington. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, Wellington will not host next year so the entire 4 days will be held in Auckland. We have the number of venues to support this and the rush between cities will be avoided so swings and roundabouts.

The following things are set in concrete:

1. Starts 1pm Thursday 2nd March in Auckland and finishes late on Sunday 5th March 2017.

2. We have many great gamesrooms in Auckland and we will showcase these as we progress. We usually visit around 2 to 4 gamesrooms a day.

3. We travel to different people's places but locked in for sure will be the World System 11 Championship at rotordave's place on Sunday 5th March (all day).

4. I try to arrange transport & accommodation but lately I have been overwhelmed. Requests outnumber resources. If you can share accommodation & rental cars, that would be appreciated but I will help out as best I can. If you want to catch the red eye flight into or out of Auckland, you may have to arrange your own transport.

5. This thread gets rather long over the next few months so for newcomers, I will update any new information in this initial box.

6. There will be a charge to attend like last year. Bronze, Silver and Gold. This helps pay for venue costs, trophies, lanyards and name tags etc. We haven't finalized prices yet as we are working on an anniversary T shirt. Don't worry, you won't be scalped, we're running this on a social basis. I will not accept any Pincade money until 5th Jan 2017. There will be a late fee charged from 23rd Feb. Details to follow.

7. I will raffle off a pinball machine. This will be limited to 100 tickets. Ticket price will depend on the pinball. If the lucky owner doesn't want it, it will be followed by an auction.

8. I get deluged by emails so to separate my AA mail from my Pincade mail, please contact me on for this. Of course, I'm happy to answer any questions posted on this thread (which may help others as well).

9. We will hold some IFPA sanctioned comps throughout the weekend. Not every day but enough to keep people interested.

10. Last Pincade was a record year with 150 attendees including 31 from overseas. I expect more next year. 

11. I would appreciate comments from past attendees about what we can do better and what the things they really enjoyed about Pincade.

Full details and registration can be found at the Aussie Arcade thread here:


Yee (rocky2).

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