Teaser - Upcoming Pinball Player Feature

You might recall that when the site launched, we had the very first gamethesystem.co player feature with Paul Jones, which you can check out in the people section of the site or click directly through here.

The player feature section is something we are very excited about and one of the main reasons the site was started - to promote and explore the people side of gaming, and reveal a bit more about the characters and stories that make the hobby so interesting. We wanted to do this in a way that was creative, visual, immediate and impactful. The idea was to produce these on a semi regular basis, once every month or two.

These player features do take time; first of all to organise, then to shoot (which takes the better part of a day for all involved), and finally to develop and present. Certainly an effort that is greatly appreciated here, and the results are something we are very pleased to offer to the gaming community, be it pinball or other.

The great news is that we are almost finished the second player feature, with post production well under way. We expect to have it all ready in about a week or two, but for now we will throw out a little subtle hint as to who our next player is. Below is a glimpse into the set of shots we have produced - who sits in this chair? Find out soon!