ZBall Pinball League Finals 15th and 23rd

The ZBall Pinball League finals are on. Now! 


Roger Z - the owner and organiser of ZBall - is not just content with the longest running Pinball competition in Australia (I'm reasonably confident no one else has been going for 12 years consecutively...) . He's stepped it up considerably this year with running two finals, and as a result giving away two pinball machines!

The first final is tonight, Tuesday 15th November at the Courthouse Hotel Newtown. This one will be (if history shows) played on a classic game from the 70s or early 80s, with each player getting three attempts to put up the highest score. The competition is held in the front bar so all and sundry can watch on and marvel at the crazy pinheads. 

The second final is on Wednesday 23rd November at the Lord Raglan Hotel in Redfern. This is - as far as I understand - to be played on a modern game but with a similar format to the first final. 


Always a fun and social League and just as much social final, all are encouraged to come along and join in on the banter and - let's be honest - multitude of alcoholic beverages. You can even participate in the final if you've got cash burning a hole in your wallet: Roger has made available tickets that can be purchased if you either haven't been participating in the league to qualify, or if you didn't manage to qualify. These don't come cheap though, at between $150 to $200 a pop... Still, if you're a gambling man and like your chances at a pinball machine for winning...

I'll try and post results in the comments, but I get the feeling the results may not be well understood until way into the night. We will see how things go.