New shot of Ghostbusters playfield

A new shot of part of the playfield for Sterns upcoming Ghostbusters game has appeared online. The shot gives us a close look at some of the playfield art and inserts.

The art looks great, and more colourful than what we have seen from Sterns other recent games. We can also see two drop targets on either side. One labeled "Tony Scoleri" and the other "Nunzio Scoleri".

For those who aren't Ghostbusters nerds, the Scoleri brothers were sentanced to death by electric chair in 1948. Typically, they make themselves a nucence by coming back as ghosts and have to be put away by our heroes.

The Scoleri brothers - Ghostbusters II

The Scoleri brothers - Ghostbusters II

It would appear as though these guys are going to pop up during play to be shot down ala Cactus Canyon.
Another point of note is the inserts that appear to lead towards the main shots in the game. In line with a 'jackpot' insert are inserts with the labels 'The ballroom', 'He slimed me!' and 'We got one!' While its only really speculation at this early stage, these would appear to be all themed around the Slimer ghost character. This implies that the shots will be in an Attack from Mars style (monster bash), wherein each shot lights an insert, and completing all the inserts on each shot starts a multiball.

This is of course a tried and true style we've seen on many games, and I for one would be happy to see this shot style on the new Ghostbusters!