Batcave Masters Player Spotlight 1 of 21 - David Loewy

Each day for 21 days, leading up to the 2016 Batcave Masters major pinball tournament to be held May 13th-15th, we will take a look at one of the players competing for top honours in this prestigious event. Who will be the next player spotlight out of the 60 competing? Find out tomorrow!


1 of 21 - David Loewy

David Loewy wins the 2015 Pinball HQ Marathon

David Loewy wins the 2015 Pinball HQ Marathon

Region: Sydney NSW

Australian Rank: 20th

Years Competing: 2

Best Result: 1st place - 2015 Pinball HQ Marathon (62 players)

Average Finishing Position: 11th

2015 Batcave Masters Placing: 22nd

Monkey on his Back: Greg Siegele, Adelaide SA (0 wins against, 6 losses)

Notes: At age 17, David is one of Australia’s youngest competitors. Having only played competitively for 2 years, it is amazing to see how fast David has learned the game and how often he teaches old dogs new tricks! In 2015 David finished 1st place in one of the biggest annual competitions; the Pinball HQ Marathon. If you talk to his opponents they would tell you the win was not a surprise and was well deserved. You can be confident that when David steps up to the table, his fellow competitors take notice and get ready for a very hard fight.