Batcave Masters Player Spotlight 5 of 21 - Greg Siegele

Each day for 21 days, leading up to the 2016 Batcave Masters major pinball tournament to be held May 13th-15th, we will take a look at one of the players competing for top honours in this prestigious event. Who will be the next player spotlight out of the 60 players competing? Find out tomorrow!

5 of 21 - Greg Siegele

Greg Siegele at the Supanova championship. Photo by the  Australian Pinball League .

Greg Siegele at the Supanova championship. Photo by the Australian Pinball League.

Region: Adelaide SA

Australian Rank: 7th

Years Competing: 3

Best Result: 4th place - Belgian Open Classics Tournament (161 players)

Average Finishing Position: 13th

2015 Batcave Masters Placing: 18th

Monkey on his Back: Johan Genberg, Ulricehamn Sweden (0 wins against, 6 losses, 1 draw)

Notes: As the former co-founder and CEO of Ratbag Games, which was subsequently acquired by and shutdown by the gaming industries behemoth Midway Games in 2005, Greg has been around games for a long time. Joining the pinball competitive scene relatively recently compared to his overall history, Greg has rocketed up the rankings to be one of Australia’s most accomplished players. He has also had the pleasure of representing the country in the invitational IFPA World Championships in 2015 where he finished a respectable 38th, and placed exceptionally well in the Swedish and Belgian classics tournaments, the latter finishing in 4th out of 161 players. Besides his competitive accomplishments, Greg has been very active in the pinball community and with promoting the game. He has interviewed some of the worlds best players and community contributors (Josh Sharpe, Cayle George, Martin Ayub, Jorian Engelbrektsson, Daniele Acciari, Mats Runsten) and you can hear Greg and these interviews on the fantastic Pinheadz Pinball Podcast (episodes 12, 13, and 17).