IFPA Australian Championship Series (ACS) 2016 Watch

The first quarter of 2016 has passed, making this a good time to check in with how the ACS standings are looking for this year. The ACS is surely now recognised as Australia’s official national pinball championships, with Paul Jones the current holder of the title.

The big tournaments which have influenced the 2016 standings thus far are the ACS 2015/Pingolf held in Brisbane, and the Pinball HQ Marathon in Sydney. Minor club tournaments make up the remainder of the results.

Out in front after taking out a big victory in the Pinball HQ Marathon, as well as a strong 2nd in the Pingolf in Brisbane, is Greg. Greg has also been getting around to local tournaments in different states, which will no doubt help his 2016 ACS surge.

Peter Watt, Australia’s top overall ranked player, trails narrowly after his 2nd in the 2015 ACS, and a third in the Pingolf. Peter has also had some solid victories in some smaller local Brisbane tournaments, including a recent Houseball victory still to be posted on the IFPA site.

In third is Paul Jones after his massive 2015 ACS success, and a solid top-4 performance at the Pinball HQ Marathon.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of Brett Goodwin, Pat Nichols, Chris Jennings, Jack Hutchinson, Jordan Tredaway, Luke Marburg and Rob Singh. Some familiar names in that mix, as well as Melbourne wonder kid Jordan Tredaway who has been showing everyone how good he really is in recent times.

From 11-20 we have Marc Bell, Franck Bona, Martin Snicer, Richard Rhodes, Paul Reid, Peter Nash, Chris Watt, Evan Lathouras and Wal Dickie. Some great players in that bunch who will no doubt be pushing for more breathing space in the top 32.

Greg, winner of the 2016 Pinball HQ Marathon. Photo taken from the  Australian Pinball League Facebook page .

Greg, winner of the 2016 Pinball HQ Marathon. Photo taken from the Australian Pinball League Facebook page.

Making up the remainder of the 32 are Geoff Wills, Glen Forster, Stuart Thornton, Rob Macauley, Matthew Venables, Andrew Ferguson, Mitchell Setschnjak, David Loewy, Andrew Thomson, Johnny Crabtree, Corey Hamilton, Andy Kay and Jason Lambert. Some highly ranked players in there, as well as some newer competitors, who will all be trying to solidify their position for the next 2016 IFPA Australian Championship Series.

It is worth noting that results in NZ do not count towards the ACS, otherwise these standings would look quite different.

For more info visit the IFPA ACS 2016 ranking page HERE.