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ADELAIDE: Amusement Worx All Day Pinball Competition

Amusement Worx All Day Pinball Competition

The fourth comp I am co-ordinating at Amusement Worx for 2016 is an all-day and evening comp on Saturday June 18.

Hopefully this should be BIG!

All the comp information is on the IFPA calendar and also on the Amusement Worx Facebook page and I am including the info in the Aussie Arcade forum HERE.

Warm-up starts at 10.30am and the comp itself is starting at 11.30am. We hope to wrap it up by 11pm at the latest.

PLEASE NOTE: For this tournament we will require players to PRE-register for entry. No payment is required up front, but as dinner is being supplied an idea of numbers is needed.

To register, players will need to either ring Amusement Worx on 82417370 or ring/text Paul or private message him via this forum (pinballcreature).

At this stage numbers will be limited to 40 on a first come first in basis, so get in quick. Since the tournie was posted on the Amusement Worx Facebook page Thursday evening, 18 places have been taken already. Make that 20. Since I started doing this thread, 2 more spots taken.

Also of importance is the fact that due to a number of requests, I will NOT be listing attendees in this forum or on the Amusement Worx Facebook page due to security concerns for people leaving their houses for the whole day.

This creates a bit more hassle for me in that if we reach the maximum number of players I will need to contact players to make certain they are coming and then create a standby list. I would be thrilled to have to do this!!

The machines are fully serviced before the comp and as with all Amusement Worx comps there will be a tech on site in case there are any problems with machines during the night.

Any questions at all let me know and I will get back to you asap.

Hope to see you there so we can keep pinball growing here in Adelaide.

ALSO: Along with our - now regular - comps, I will probably be running a Selfie League comp later in the year, so keep a look out for the announcement.


BTW; I still love cut and paste!!!!!

Saturday June 18th.

ENTRY FEE: $45. This INCLUDES a "sausage sizzle" dinner.

1. Final registration and warm up 10.30am - 11.15am sharp.
2. Information and questions from players 11.15am - 11.30am.
3. Main Tournament qualifying: 11.30am - 6pm.
Finals 7pm - 11pm.
Consolation Tournament for those players who don't qualify for finals: 7pm - 11pm.
4. We are running one main comp on the day.
5. There will be the option of a single 2 strike out knockout consolation comp for those who don't qualify for the main tournament finals. Please note that the consolation comp cannot be for IFPA points. It is not allowed.
6. There will probably be about 12 machines in use on the day.
7. Simon is not obliged to tell players which machines will be used prior to the competition day.
8. On the day players should have their IFPA # ready, to save time. Just Google IFPA and your name to get your # if you have one.
9. There are now about 40 rated players in Adelaide so the points on offer should be good.
10. There is no discounted entry fee for players who don't want dinner!
11. Simon is bringing in a drinks machine (water and soft drinks) for the day.
12. For players who want more practice they can attend the Friday lock-ins at Amusement Worx. Check dates on the A Worx Facebook page.
13. There will be prizes for this comp. At this stage TBA!


TGP: Minimum of 16.

- Probably using Matchplay or Scott Danesi software.
- Depending on numbers there will be 6-8 machines set to no extra balls/ball savers on incl. multiball.
- Each player plays one game on each machine and will be ranked on each machine and awarded points. The highest score gets the highest score down to the lowest getting the lowest point score.
- The points for each of the six machines will be totalled for ranking.
- 50% of the qualifying field up to a maximum of 16 players will qualify for the finals.
- In qualifying players will need to play in pairs or triples if odd number of players to verify each others' scores (initial their score sheet).
- To save time, as soon as players finish and verify scores on a game, Simon will enter scores before the players go onto their next game.

- Using Matchplay software.
- Single elimination best of three games (this may be best of five depending on how long qualifying takes) on different machines.
- The higher ranked qualifier for game one of each best of three has the choice of either: machine played OR going first or second.



Two strike knockout
- Seeding: IFPA
- First round pairing: Slaughter - highest seed plays lowest seed
- General pairing: Balanced - Players will be randomly paired with previously unfaced opponents
- Player order: Original seed - higher seed chooses player order
- Arena draws: Balanced - computer tries to allocate arenas that have been played the fewest times
- Number of strikes: Two
- Value of byes: Full win
- Allocation of byes if needed: Random

- For each round in each comp you will be allocated an opponent and a machine to play one game on. Whoever loses that game has one strike. You stay in the comp until you lose two matches (two strikes). With this format you get a second chance.
- Simon reserves the right to change the format. For example: to make the competition go faster he may change the arena draw to manual to save time if machines are vacant. But the knockout format is what we will run by.

- PLEASE NOTE: at this stage, the consolation tournie will use machines that are not being used for the finals of the main tournie. It is far too difficult to have two comps using the same machines. This may be subject to change.