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BRISBANE: 2016 Brisbane Masters

2016 Brisbane Masters

The 2nd Annual Brisbane Masters will be held on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st July, 2016
This year’s venue is Toowong Bowls Club, 59 Gailey Rd, Taringa (same venue as the 2015 ACS Tournament)
This tournament is being held in conjunction with Jimmy Nails and myself.
We will be opening this event up to the first 64 registrations only at this stage, and may open up to more places depending on entries and space.

To register, click on the link HERE for the Aussie Arcade forum page.

This is the preliminary format for this year's event, subject to IFPA approval/accreditation

Qualifying will start at 10am on Saturday 30th July. 5 rounds will be played on Saturday. Anticipated finish time on Saturday will be approx. 7-8pm.
The final round of qualifying will be on Sunday 31st July from 10am.
Finals on Sunday afternoon are expected to start around 12.30pm and should be finished by around 5-6pm.

The machines are expected to be delivered to the venue by Friday 29th July.
There is a possibility of running a small event on the Friday night (Possible 2 Strike event - To be advised)


* Once all participants are finalized, all players will be seeded based on their IFPA rankings position as of 30/6/2016.
* The games chosen will be based on what is available at the Venue. (minimum 16 machines, list available soon)
* Qualifying will be played similar to the IFPA World Format.

Players will be placed into groups of 4 once the seedings have been completed. (4 player games)
Each group will be assigned 3 games at random. Each game has the same points ... 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

First round groupings are as follows: (based on 64 players)
1,32,33,64 .... 2,31,34,63 .... 3,30,35,62 .... 4,29,36,61 .... 5,28,37,60 .... 6,27,38,59 .... 7,26,39,58 .... 8,25,40,57 .... 9,24,41,56 .... 10,23,42,55 .... 11,22,43,54 .... 12,21,44,53 .... 13,20,45,52 .... 14,19,46,51 .... 15,18,47,50 …. 16,17,48,49

From then on, groupings are determined from the scoring thereafter as follows:
1,2,3,4 .... 5,6,7,8 .... 9,10,11,12 .... 13,14,15,16 .... 17,18,19,20 .... 21,22,23,24 .... 25,26,27,28 .... 29,30,31,32
33,34,35,36 .... 37,38,39,40 .... 41,42,43,44 .... 45,46,47,48 .... 49,50,51,52 .... 53,54,55,56 .... 57,58,59,60 …. 61,62,63,64

All games will be played as a 4-player game (unless machine is unable to allow it).
Matchplay software will allocate the games and order for each match.

There will be 6 qualifying rounds (18 games per player). The top 24 players will advance to the Finals on Sunday afternoon.
Ties for any placings in the Top 24 will be determined by a single game playoff, on a machine chosen at random.


Round One: (24 players remaining)
* Top 4 finalists are awarded a bye.
* Best-of-3 game head to head matches according to final seedings. Highest seed for each match chooses play order for their game (play order reverses for each subsequent game)
* Matches are determined as follows: 5 vs 24, 6 vs 23, 7 vs 22, 8 vs 21, 9 vs 20, 10 vs 19, 11 vs 18, 12 vs 17, 13 vs 16, 14 vs 15.
* The 10 Winners advance to Round 2.

Round Two: (14 players remaining)
* Top 2 are awarded another bye, 3rd & 4th seeds now join in.
* Best-of 3 game head to head matches according to seedings of remaining players
* Same as Round 1, with highest seed playing lowest seed, and so on. Same again for choice of machine & order of play.
* The 6 winners advance to Round 3.

Round Three: (8 players remaining)
* 1st & 2nd seed now join in.
* Same format (best of 3 games, etc) as Round 2 above.
* The 4 winners advance to Round 4.
(If 1st place was to be knocked out here, the lowest they could finish is 5th)

Round Four: (4 players remaining)
* Same format (best of 3 games, etc) as Round 2 above.
* The 2 winners advance to the Grand Final, while the 2 other players will playoff for 3rd place.

3rd Place Playoff:
* Best of 3 game head to head series, same format as above to determine winner of 3rd place.

Grand Final:
* The 2 remaining players will play a best of 5-game series, same format above, to determine the tournament winner.


* Players will need to pre-register either via the tournament director emails, or via Aussie Arcade PM. Jason - , Jimmy -
* Players MUST pre-register and pre-pay for this event - NO EXCEPTIONS. Once registered, we will send through banking details. Payments can also be done in person.
* Open to the first 64 registrations only. Once places fill, players will be put onto a reserve list
* No registrations can be taken after Thursday 28th July.
* Early bird registration fee until Saturday 7th July is $60 per player. Registrations after this date until closing time will become $75 per player.
* All players who register and pay will receive an exclusive Brisbane Masters T-shirt for free. Extra shirts will be available for $15 each. Please let us know which size you require (and extra qty.) upon registration.
* Loads of cash & prizes up for grabs, including trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, awards for Highest Placed Female player, Highest placed Local player missing out on finals, Highest score on each machine during qualifying.

If there is anyone that would like to assist with running the event on the day, or can provide a pinball or two to use for the weekend, please advise either Jimmy or myself.
We are pumped and excited to be able to put this event on again this year - we look forward to seeing everyone in Brisbane in July!