IFPA Australian Championship Series (ACS) 2016 Watch - Half Way

More than half of 2016 is already behind us, so let’s check back in with the standings of the Australian Championship Series (ACS), and discuss some of the results from the second quarter of the year.

The finals at the 2015 ACS event in Brisbane was a very tense affair.

The finals at the 2015 ACS event in Brisbane was a very tense affair.

It will come as no surprise that Australia’s highest ranked player, Peter Watt, has surged ahead by a considerable distance following a typical run of consistent results. This years’ Batcave Masters was far more successful for Pete, finishing 2nd in the Main Event, 4th in the Pingolf and 12th in the Classics. Strong local performances in Brisbane have also contributed to Pete’s lead, particularly in Houseball, Gold Balls and Brisbane Pinball Club.

The ever-travelling Greg has continued his good form in the second quarter of 2016, despite missing the Batcave Masters. Greg has performed well in local clubs and leagues in Melbourne & Brisbane, as well as his hometown Sydney, including a second place finish in the Melbourne Silverball League. Greg sits in 2nd place in the ACS standings.

A formidable return to form has seen Richard Rhodes move into 3rd place in the standings. Richard was at his dominant best at the Batcave Masters, taking out both the Main Event and the Pingolf.

Brett Goodwin sits in 4th following a solid showing at the Batcave Masters, as well as consistent results in local tournaments, namely a win in the Magic Hands Super League.

Fifth through to tenth place has a decidedly Victorian flavour, featuring Martin Robbins in 5th place, Luke Marburg in 6th place, Jordan Tredaway in 8th place, and Stuart Thornton in 9th place. They have all performed consistently well in local Melbourne tournaments, which have had strong turnouts and good formats, meaning good points. Paul Jones sits in 7th after excellent performances in every tournament he has played in, including a 3rd place finish in the Batcave Masters Main Event. Chris Jennings rounds off the top 10 after solid results locally all year.

In 11th to 15th places, we have Pat Nichols, Jack Hutchinson, Matt Venables, Steve Edwards and Rob Singh, who have all put together a string of good results.  

In 16th to 20th places are Greg Siegele, Robert Macauley, Jason Lambert, David Peck and Paul Reid, who are all talented players and have made the most of the tournaments they’ve played in (particularly Greg and David who have only played in 7 and 3 tournaments respectively).

Making up the remainder of the 32 (21st to 32nd), we have Johnny Crabtree, Jasen Mouritsen, Andrew Ferguson, Marc Bell, Marcus Sezonov, Mitchell Setschniak, Warwick Pearce, Brian Schleibs, John Ebejer, Derek Broadfoot, Alex Nunn and Corey Hamilton.

Currently the top 32 is made up of 12 from New South Wales, 9 from Victoria, 8 from Queensland, 2 from South Australia, and 1 Kiwi. The standings are influenced by a combination of big results at major tournaments, and consistent results at local tournaments - meaning the field of 32 players who do eventually qualify will certainly deserve it.

It is all to play for in the back half of the year, and a lot can still change. The next big point-earning tournament is the Brisbane Masters at the end of July, where most of Australia’s best players will be in attendance.

Author: Jack Hutchinson