Houseball Returns for Season 2

Houseball, Queensland’s own residential pinball league, returned for the opening meet of season two at Hutch’s last night. Inspired by the success of Wildball in NSW, Houseball was started last year with five members of the Queensland pinball community stepping up to host meets. It has been an undeniable success, and hopefully will continue for many years to come. The inaugural league winner last year was Peter Watt (pictured below with perpetual shield).

Last night’s meet was played exclusively on System 1 Gottlieb’s with the titles being Charlie’s Angles, Buck Rodgers, Sinbad and Pinball Pool. The top 8 who qualified for PAPA-style finals on the night were:

  1. John (Jack) Hutchinson
  2. Brian Green
  3. Joe Taranto
  4. Corey Hamilton
  5. Peter Watt
  6. Rob Singh
  7. Chris Jennings
  8. Nick Keros

The four who then progressed to the final were Peter Watt, Jack Hutchinson, Joe Taranto and Chris Jennings. Peter proved too strong throughout the semi-final and final and took it out convincingly. Jack took second, Chris third, and Joe fourth. Full results will be available for viewing on Aussie Arcade and will be submitted to IFPA.

It was a great start to what is sure to be another awesome season of Houseball.

Keep an eye out for the time and location of the next meet on Aussie Arcade.