ZBall Pinball Top Machines

As one of Australia's most frequented pinball locations - ZBall's Courthouse Hotel in Newtown Sydney - it's always fascinating to hear what machines are the most popular compared to ZBall's other locations. And unlike just about every other coin-op operator out there, Roger from ZBall actually releases this earnings information in his monthly newsletters!

So how do the new machines fair against the old stalwarts from decades past? Read on!

Top 10 Machines and Locations:

  1. Game of Thrones LE - Courthouse Hotel
  2. Kiss LE - Courthouse Hotel
  3. Transformers LE - Annandale Hotel
  4. Spiderman - Orange Grove Hotel
  5. Walking Dead LE - Newtown Hotel
  6. Attack from Mars - Courthouse
  7. AC DC LE - Courthouse Hotel
  8. Avengers LE - Newtown Hotel
  9. Junkyard - Lord Raglan Hotel
  10. Guns N Roses - Annandale Hotel

Interesting to see Junkyard up there in the top 10, but the less I say about that game the better...

Other interesting tidbits from the newsletter include the details of the upcoming ZBall Pinball League competitions starting in May (3 competitions this year, giving away 2 pinball machines as the prizes (yes, GIVING AWAY pinball machines, Roger has done this for 12 years now)), and 3 new pinball machines coming our way to play at the Courthouse Hotel: Safe Cracker, Ghostbusters LE, and Medieval Madness!

You can read the full newsletter by CLICKING HERE, and join the fun that is one of the longest running pinball competitions in Australia's history.