Australia's First Super Selfie League

Do you live in the Sydney or NSW region, and want to get involved in one of the coolest concepts to come about in pinball for years? Of course you do! It's not only stupidly easy to take part, there's also no registration or joining fee. Just rock up and play whenever you want!

The concept of a Super Selfie League really started to take off in the last few months over in the USA, with Josh Sharpe from the IFPA starting his own. It wasn't long after that everyone realised how fun the idea of posting images of your own grinning mug next to your score, and ripping on other people's funny photos, and selfie leagues started popping up everywhere. It's a very social way to get involved in competition play, without the burdens of strict attendance schedules and registration formalities.

Australia now has it's own Super Selfie League, thanks to Magic Hands Pinball in Sydney! Again the concept is very simple; head to the venue that the competition is taking place for the month (this March it's at City Heroes on 505 George Street, Sydney CBD), anytime you like.

Play on one or as many of the 8 machines as you can that include Iron Man VE, Star Trek LE, Metallica LE, Avatar, Tron, LOTR, Kiss and The Walking Dead. When you get a score, take a picture of that score and include yourself in the picture (hence the selfie part). Now head on over to the Magic Hands page and click on Post Score. Then simply;

  • Click on the Comments
  • Feel free to write something funny - a call to arms, a challenge, taunt your opponents!
  • Click on the little Image icon and attach your image
  • To post, either log in with your Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Disqus account (it will ask you to create a Disqus identity to map to your other social media account). Or, you can post as a guest by using the 'OR SIGN UP WITH DISQUS' dialogue and choosing the 'I'd rather post as a guest' option (but we don't encourage that, half the fun is participating in the conversation!)
  • You're done!

More information is available on the Magic Hands Pinball site HERE. Take part in the worlds newest pinball sensation, and start snapping!