Batcave Masters Player Spotlight 7 of 21 - Nathan Clissold

Each day for 21 days, leading up to the 2016 Batcave Masters major pinball tournament to be held May 13th-15th, we will take a look at one of the players competing for top honours in this prestigious event. Who will be the next player spotlight out of the 60 players competing? Find out tomorrow!

7 of 21 - Nathan Clissold

Nathan is also a keen baseball player and coach.

Nathan is also a keen baseball player and coach.

Region: Blacktown NSW

Australian Rank: 42nd

Years Competing: 5

Best Result: 7th place - 2015 Batcave Masters Side Tournament (42 players)

Average Finishing Position: 18th

2015 Batcave Masters Placing: 12th

Monkey on his Back: Richard Rhodes Sydney NSW (3 wins against, 19 losses)

Notes: Nathan’s first world ranked tournament was the PAPA World Pinball Championships way back in 2011, which is certainly an interesting way to be introduced to competition play. Obviously bitten by the bug from that event onward, Nathan went on to found the highly regarded Wildball Pinball League in Sydney. A completely new idea at the time, Wildball sees generous hosts volunteer their private collections and game rooms for a monthly meet, that allows competitors to travel all over the state and see some of the most amazing collections Australia has on offer. Nathan also volunteers his time to help organise, set up, and run some of the countries largest tournaments such as the Australian Championship Series. With Wildball now in it’s 4th year, it and Nathan’s contribution to growing the hobby is unmistakable. All for the love of the game.