Podcast Ep 58: The Mega Drive Mini, Capcom Home Arcade, and Emulation vs True Arcade!

The Mega Drive Mini has been out for a little while now and the guys talk about what they think of it. They also played the Capcom Home Arcade at PAX and give their first impressions. Plus a bunch of talk on emulation vs the true arcade experience, CPS2, FPGA, all the acronyms!


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Podcast Ep 18! T-Shirt Giveaway Winners! The Capcom Beatemup Bundle, Nintendo Switch Online Service, Sony Playstation Classic Mini, and More!

Game the System Podcast Episode 18! We announce the winners of our amazing T-Shirt giveaway, courtesy of Amusement Machine Distributors! We also talk about the newly released Capcom Beat-em-up Bundle, our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Online service, and the Sony Playstation Classic Mini, and more!