Podcast Episode 56: The Best Sega Mega Drive Game - We Battle and Declare the Winner!

It's time! Marc, Matt, John and Benn sit down for a mega episode and battle to decide the best Sega Mega Drive game of all time! We go through all 9 nominations and rank them one by one, until we ultimately come to the winner. We also go through what you - the readers - voted as the number one Sega Mega Drive game, ever!


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Podcast Episode 55: The Sydney Classic Gaming Club, Elvira House of Horrors Pinball, Eliza, and Street Fighter 2

Marc Matt and John chat about the Sydney Classic Gaming Club, and the games included in the competitions. Plus other games they've been playing recently including the new Zachtronics game Eliza, the not so new Street Fighter 2, and... will Marc commit to buying the newly announced Elvira's House of Horrors pinball machine?! Tune in to find out!


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Podcast Episode 54: The Best Sega Mega Drive Game - Nominations Episode!

It's time! The hardest battle we've attempted so far - the best Sega Mega Drive game of all time! Marc Matt and John are joined by special guest Benn Banasik, and will each fight for their favourite Mega Drive games in this initial nominations episode! What will the 9 games chosen be?


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Podcast Episode 52: The Final BPAC Summary Mini Episode!

Marc Matt and John are at the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective Showcase Event 2019, and we do our last BPAC wrap-up mini episode! John sends in a recording of his thoughts of the Walter Day interview from episode 51, and Marc Matt and Benn discuss the last few days before flying home back to Sydney.


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Podcast Episode 51: An Interview With Gaming Luminary Walter Day! Courtesy The Warped Zone Podcast

Marc Matt and John are at the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective Showcase Event 2019, and so is Benn Banasik from the Warped Zone Podcast! As part of Benn's PhD, we sit down for an interview with the legendary Walter Day. Prepare for a mind expanding discussion on video games and the people that play them! The Warped Zone Podcast have their own release of this interview and further exploratory discussion, so check them out here:


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The Best Game Released in 1990 - In 24 Hours Time!

Marc Matt and John will record episode 48 of the podcast in just 24 hours time (Thursday night Sydney time), and will finally decide the best game released in the year 1990! There were 9 nominations, and that 9 will soon be ranked, named and shamed!

Before those 24 hours are up, you - yes, you the reader - can choose your favourite of the 9 too, and the reader votes will be called out on the podcast. Go vote either at the Facebook page (, the Twitter feed (, or even better, head over to the Discord chat and join everyone else debating them all! Head over to and join the fun!

The games are: Aliens (arcade), Speedball 2 (Amiga), Smash TV (arcade), Snow Bros (arcade), Castlevania 3 (NES), MERCS (arcade), Creatures (C64), Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (MegaDrive), and Dark Seal (arcade). An unusual mix if ever there was one!


Podcast Episode 47: Retro Gaming Updates, Steam Sales, and Twin Galaxies Discussion!

This episode Marc Matt and John chat about what they've been doing in gaming. Marc's been buying stuff he will never use, again, Matt gets tempted by the Steam sales and buys games he will never play, and John goes for a Dragon's Fury world record! We close out the show with some discussion on the state of Twin Galaxies, and the world of competitive play.


Podcast Episode 46: Battle of the Arcades Australia New Zealand 2019 Wrapup!

it was the war to end all wars - the Battle of the Arcades AU/NZ 2019! Marc Matt and John chat about this epic event, with Marc and Matt reflecting on the games that were, and new friends won or lost. We also discuss the newly announced PC Engine Mini, the recent Summer Games Done Quick, and anything else that piques our gaming spider senses!


Podcast Ep 45: The Best Game Released in 1990 - Nominations Episode!

It's time... to battle! Marc Matt and John sit down for an entirely non civil discussion about the best game released in 1990. Nine games will be chosen as nominations, three games each. With the nine nominations agreed upon, the trio of diligent gamers will play all of the games and later come back in a future episode to decide which is the best game released in 1990!


Podcast Ep 44: The Birth of the Sydney Classic Gaming Club, The MegaDrive Mini, PlayStation Classic, and Battle of the Arcades!

A Sydney Classic Gaming Club appears! Marc Matt and John talk about all the classic games in the first tournament. Plus we go over the 42 games released on the MegaDrive Mini, John mods a PlayStation Classic, and it's time for the Battle of the Arcades 2019!


Podcast Ep 43: Streets of Rage 2 Speedrunning, Joystick Jostling with MCA and Sanwa, and The Ultimate 64!

In this episode Marc practices some Walking Dead pinball in preparation for the Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championship, and the Brisbane Pinball Masters. John's still rushing and mashing his way through Streets of Rage 2. Marc switches out an MCA joystick and buttons for a full Sanwa set and gives it the business. Plus the Ultimate 64 arrives, is built, configured, and firing on all SIDs!


Podcast Episode 42! Feedback from The Readers! Plus Mortal Kombat 11, More EXAPUNKS, and Live on Discord!

Game the System Podcast Episode 42! We read feedback from you, the readers, with more detail about Spider-Man's balls than anyone ever needed to know. John finishes Mortal Kombat 11 and lets us know what he thought. Matt finishes EXAPUNKS and has something in his pants. Plus live broadcasting on our new Discord channel, Master System top 25 from Retrogamer magazine, and a bunch more!


Podcast Episode 41 - The X-Files? FMV Games? Sounds Like the 90s! Throw in Some Joysticks and Pinball Repair, and it's Gotta be Retro!

In episode 41, we somehow talk at length about FMV games (blame John), and the value* they give the gaming community. We also chat about MCA vs Sanwa joysticks, some arcade and pinball repairs, and a whole lot more retro!


Podcast Episode 40: Billy Mitchell's Coming to Australia. Plus Capcom's Home Arcade, and the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

In episode 40, Marc Matt and John discuss the controversy that may or may not be Billy Mitchell coming to Kong Off 3 in Brisbane Australia. The controversy that may or may not exist with Capcom's Home Arcade, and the controversy that most certainly exists with the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Plus much more retro shenanigans!


Podcast Episode 39 - A Fist of Wires. We chat about Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, pinball, Horizon Zero Dawn, Streets of Rage, and speedrunning!

In episode 39, we chat about what we've been up to in games. Including some Castlevania, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Streets of Rage, JAMMA harness repair, a bit of pinball, and a bunch more!


Podcast Episode 38 - Willy Wonka Pinball Announced! T-Shirts Given Away. And John's Birthday Retro Game Bash!

This week we give away a bunch of t-shirts (thanks to AMD) to you, the readers! We discuss the brand new pinball machine announced from JJP: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Then we muse nostalgically about John's birthday bash, and all the retro goodness we played.


Podcast Episode 37 - Video Games is Serious Business Ep1 - Violence in Video Games

With a new research paper released in February 2019 revealing new insights into the 'violence in video games' debate, Marc Matt and John wipe the smiles off their faces and have a serious discussion on the topic. Of course, that's not entirely true because we have far too many uneducated opinions and conjecture to remain completely straight down the line... But hey, we tried.


Podcast Episode 36 - The Sega MegaDrive Mini, Google Stadia, Apple Arcade, and Black Knight Sword of Rage Pinball

Marc, Matt and John get stuck into a bunch of reader feedback including more Cary's than you can throw a flaming soul at! Plus we talk about Google Stadia, Apple Arcade, MegaDrive Mini, and the new Black Knight Sword of Rage pinball! iTunes, Stitcher, and Google.