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Podcast Episode 51: An Interview With Gaming Luminary Walter Day! Courtesy The Warped Zone Podcast

Marc Matt and John are at the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective Showcase Event 2019, and so is Benn Banasik from the Warped Zone Podcast! As part of Benn's PhD, we sit down for an interview with the legendary Walter Day. Prepare for a mind expanding discussion on video games and the people that play them! The Warped Zone Podcast have their own release of this interview and further exploratory discussion, so check them out here:


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Podcast Episode 48! The Best Game Released in 1990!

It's time! The best game released in 1990 will be decided right here in this marathon episode! Marc, Matt and John debate the 9 nominations for the best 1990 game, and then run down the results of the reader vote across our social media feeds and Discord!


Podcast Episode 22! PAX Australia 2018 Day 1 Wrapup Mini Episode!

It's PAX Australia 2018! The largest gaming event in the southern hemisphere and Marc and Matt report in on day 1. There were panels with Rhianna Pratchett, Bethesda and id Software, Duke Nukem Forever, and more!


Podcast Episode 20! Nominations for the Game Boy Advance Battle! River Raid TE Patches, Ghouls n Ghosts Speedruns, and Tekken 2

We throw our 9 nominations for the best Game Boy Advance game into the ring - including Benn Banasik's 3 choices! We also talk about what we've been doing in gaming, including Ghouls n Ghosts speedruns, Tekken 2, and River Raid TE... patches? No, not those sort of patches, patches!


EP 13: We battle to decide the best game released in 1989! As well as Bubble Bobble, Super Monkey Ball, Bayonetta 2, and Opus Magnum

We battle it out to decide the best game released in the year 1989! We also talk about playing Bubble Bobble for the Ten Pence Arcade Podcast competition, Marc finishes Bayonetta 2, Matt plays Opus Magnum, and John gets a taste of Super Monkey Ball on the GameCube!


Ep 11: We Decide the Best Beat-Em-Up Game of All Time! Bloodstained Curse of the Moon Review, Sega Mega Drive Classics, and Deadpool Pinball Leaked Pictures!

Game the System Podcast Episode 11 sponsored by 1989 Arcade Bar and Kitchen ( Marc, John and Matt battle it out and decide the best beat-em-up game of all time! Marc reviews Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. We talk about John's pickup of a Sega MegaCD, the newly released Mega Drive Classics, Matt updates us on his progress with River Raid Tournament Edition, and we talk about the leaked pictures of the new Stern pinball machine Deadpool!


Game the System Podcast Episode 4!

Game the System Podcast Episode 4! Join Marc Bell, John Pansini, and Matthew Tolhurst talking about all things gaming.

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Game the System Podcast Episode 3!

Game the System Podcast Episode 3! Join Marc Bell, John Pansini, and Matthew Tolhurst where we talk about all things gaming.

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PAX Australia Announces Pinball Tournament

Today the much anticipated schedule for the Australian Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) - taking place just a few short weeks away on November 4th-6th in Melbourne - has finally been released. The list is gargantuan, and if you plan on attending a lot of the sessions you will be one tired little gamer!

This expo is big. REAL big.

This expo is big. REAL big.

Amongst the many events occurring over the three days is a very welcome surprise - an IFPA sanctioned pinball tournament!

The format of the competition is as below (copy and paste from

  • November 5, 2016
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • 1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf VIC 3006
  • Get the top score in any one of the four qualifying sessions on any of the five competition machines to qualify for the final at 6:00pm.
  • Qualifying sessions:
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • 2:30pm-3:30pm
  • 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Three-strike finals commence 6:00pm.
  • Each round, each player is randomly assigned an opponent.
  • Players are eliminated after losing three matches.
  • Last player standing wins.

There will also be a number of pinball attractions to see and take part in, with beginner player lessons, couples tournaments, and more! Be sure to check out the full schedule on the PAX Australia website at: