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Podcast Episode 37 - Video Games is Serious Business Ep1 - Violence in Video Games

With a new research paper released in February 2019 revealing new insights into the 'violence in video games' debate, Marc Matt and John wipe the smiles off their faces and have a serious discussion on the topic. Of course, that's not entirely true because we have far too many uneducated opinions and conjecture to remain completely straight down the line... But hey, we tried.


Podcast Episode 29! Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, Stern Munsters Pinball, Star Trek Attack Wing, The Resistance and Avalon

We're back in episode 29! Marc Matt and John chat about the recent Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 speedrun charity event. Plus the newly announced Munsters pinball machine from Stern, including The Beatles and Primus retro inspired pinball machines. Then they get into some tabletop action with Star Trek and Star Wars Attack Wing, as well as The Resistance and Avalon tabletop games.


Podcast Episode 21: Why Do We Play Retro? We Tackle this Contentious Topic! Plus PAX Aus 2018, and Streets of Rage 4 Announced!

Why do we play retro games? Are we stuck in the past, or is there more to it than just experiencing that pang of nostalgia? We tackle this contentious topic and explain our own reasons for playing classic games! Oh, and PAX Aus 2018 is here! Now!


Podcast Episode 20! Nominations for the Game Boy Advance Battle! River Raid TE Patches, Ghouls n Ghosts Speedruns, and Tekken 2

We throw our 9 nominations for the best Game Boy Advance game into the ring - including Benn Banasik's 3 choices! We also talk about what we've been doing in gaming, including Ghouls n Ghosts speedruns, Tekken 2, and River Raid TE... patches? No, not those sort of patches, patches!


Ep 17: T-Shirt Giveaway! River Raid TE Done? Twin Galaxies Record, Starcraft, Critical Hit and Walking Dead Pinball, Soulcalibur, and More!

Game the System Podcast Episode 17! Fantastic T-Shirts to give away to you, the readers (! Is River Raid Tournament Edition finally done? A new Twin Galaxies record is born on Ghouls'n Ghosts. John gets involved in a Marvel Fantasy League, and plays Soulcalibur II and Alien Trilogy. Matt watches too much Starcraft, and we play in the first Critical Hit pinball tournament in Sydney!


Ep 15: New Battle - Best Master System Game! EVO 2018, Deadpool Pinball, Marc Gets a World Record? And Road Redemption

We have chosen our new battleground - the best Master System game! We put forward our nominations. We talk about EVO 2018, the new Deadpool pinball machine from Stern, Matt plays Road Rash inspired Road Redemption, and Marc might have gotten a Ghouls n Ghosts Twin Galaxies world record??


Ep 14: Interview with Netherworld Bar Arcade's Jimmy Nails. Full Wrapup of 2018 Brisbane Pinball Masters. Sonic Mania Plus. We Eat 30 Year Old Donkey Kong Bubble Gum!

We interview Jimmy Nails, co-owner of the amazing Netherworld Bar Arcade in Brisbane. Marc provides an in depth rundown of the 2018 Brisbane Pinball Masters. John's been playing Sonic Mania Plus on the Switch. And we all eat (and presumably survive) 30 year old Donkey Kong bubble gum!


EP 13: We battle to decide the best game released in 1989! As well as Bubble Bobble, Super Monkey Ball, Bayonetta 2, and Opus Magnum

We battle it out to decide the best game released in the year 1989! We also talk about playing Bubble Bobble for the Ten Pence Arcade Podcast competition, Marc finishes Bayonetta 2, Matt plays Opus Magnum, and John gets a taste of Super Monkey Ball on the GameCube!


Ep 12: We play Iron Maiden Pinball, the Battle of the Best Game of 1989, Sega World Sydney, Bayonetta, Batman Returns, and Gauntlet Dark Legacy!

Game the System Podcast Episode 12 sponsored by 1989 Arcade Bar and Kitchen ( Marc, John and Matt have chosen the next battleground - the best game released in 1989! We all play and discuss the new Stern pinball machine Iron Maiden. There's reminiscing about the Sega World amusement centre in Sydney's Darling Harbour. Marc and John are playing through Bayonetta 2 (and John finishes Bayonetta 1), plus much more including Batman Returns on the Mega CD, and Gauntlet Dark Legacy!


Ep 11: We Decide the Best Beat-Em-Up Game of All Time! Bloodstained Curse of the Moon Review, Sega Mega Drive Classics, and Deadpool Pinball Leaked Pictures!

Game the System Podcast Episode 11 sponsored by 1989 Arcade Bar and Kitchen ( Marc, John and Matt battle it out and decide the best beat-em-up game of all time! Marc reviews Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. We talk about John's pickup of a Sega MegaCD, the newly released Mega Drive Classics, Matt updates us on his progress with River Raid Tournament Edition, and we talk about the leaked pictures of the new Stern pinball machine Deadpool!


Podcast Episode 9! Neo Geo Mini, PAX Classic Games, Road Rash and the Sega Master System

They're at it again! Marc, John and Matt discuss the rumoured Neo Geo Mini, the future of the PAX Classic Gaming Area, Lord of the Sword and the Sega Master System, Road Rash and Daze Before Christmas on the Mega Drive, new Timezone arcade in Central Park reviewed, the new Elvira pinball machine, Afreeca Starleague and IEM Sydney, and more retro than you can shake a CRT at!


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Podcast Episode 8! Billy Mitchell, Total Nuclear Annihilation, and Ready Player One!

Marc, Matt and John sit down once again to talk a whole lotta retro. This time we get stuck into the Billy Mitchell controversy, Mega Drive Mini, Total Nuclear Annihilation, and Ready Player One.


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Game the System Podcast Episode 7!

Episode 7 is here! Marc reviews the C64 Mini, Matt builds a custom PCB, and John gets all introspective and asks why we collect retro. Check out the podcast and full show notes over in the Podcast section of the site!


Game the System Podcast Episode 4!

Game the System Podcast Episode 4! Join Marc Bell, John Pansini, and Matthew Tolhurst talking about all things gaming.

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Are You Dying to Talk About Games? Retro, Arcade, Modern, Pinball? People Like You Are Already Talking - On the Forum!

If you've been looking for a place to chat with people who love all types of gaming, the conversation has already begun and we want to welcome your voice!


The Game the System Forum has been up for a little while now and it's already packed full of interesting discussion on retro games, pinball, arcade games, modern games, board and table top games, and more. You will also see running journals on projects such as arcade repair, and a rom hack creating a new version of the Atari 2600 game River Raid - turning it into a tournament edition!

It's also the best place to keep up with what's going on with the Podcast, and to ask your questions and provide feedback that we can cover on the show. We'd love to hear from you and talk about the things that you want to hear.

So head on over and join the chat. We want to hear about what YOU play, what you're working on, and what games are capturing your attention these days. That can be all the way back to Game & Watch, and all the way forward to Bayonetta 3. It's all games and we all love talking about them, all the time!

Game the System Podcast Episode 3!

Game the System Podcast Episode 3! Join Marc Bell, John Pansini, and Matthew Tolhurst where we talk about all things gaming.

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New Podcast! New Forum! New Feature: Sydney's Only Bar-Arcade - 1989!

Game the System is very happy to announce that we have launched three new sections!

We've been a little quiet of late as we have worked on plans to shift focus from competitive pinball and to all things gaming: retro, modern games, arcade games, pinball, board games, table top, anything that people play! Additionally, we wanted to change our approach from news and events, to a connected gaming community. And what does that mean?

A Podcast!

Head on over to the Podcast section to listen to our brand new gaming podcast. Listen to Marc Bell, John Pansini and Matthew Tolhurst discuss all things gaming. We plan to release a new podcast every two weeks or there abouts, so subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher and join the conversation!

A Forum!

The Forum section does what it says on the box - a community discussion around all things gaming. Here you can keep up with the podcasts we release, the features, and all the things that the wonderful gaming community are up to. Don't hesitate to join the discussion, there's already heaps of content in there waiting for your opinion!

A new feature page: Play!

Expanding our view of people that play has always been our long term goal, and now are finally doing just that! The Play section is all about where people play, and the people that love these places. Our first feature is the one and only 1989 Arcade Bar & Kitchen in Newtown, Sydney - literally Sydney's ONLY bar-arcade!