New Podcast! New Forum! New Feature: Sydney's Only Bar-Arcade - 1989!

Game the System is very happy to announce that we have launched three new sections!

We've been a little quiet of late as we have worked on plans to shift focus from competitive pinball and to all things gaming: retro, modern games, arcade games, pinball, board games, table top, anything that people play! Additionally, we wanted to change our approach from news and events, to a connected gaming community. And what does that mean?

A Podcast!

Head on over to the Podcast section to listen to our brand new gaming podcast. Listen to Marc Bell, John Pansini and Matthew Tolhurst discuss all things gaming. We plan to release a new podcast every two weeks or there abouts, so subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher and join the conversation!

A Forum!

The Forum section does what it says on the box - a community discussion around all things gaming. Here you can keep up with the podcasts we release, the features, and all the things that the wonderful gaming community are up to. Don't hesitate to join the discussion, there's already heaps of content in there waiting for your opinion!

A new feature page: Play!

Expanding our view of people that play has always been our long term goal, and now are finally doing just that! The Play section is all about where people play, and the people that love these places. Our first feature is the one and only 1989 Arcade Bar & Kitchen in Newtown, Sydney - literally Sydney's ONLY bar-arcade!

Get to Know Paul Reid - Stunning Game the System Player Feature!

It was only a few days ago that Paul Reid won the Pinball HQ Grand Final, winning himself not only the prestige of being the 2016 champion, but taking home a Stern Galaxy pinball machine as the prize!

In Game the System's latest Player Feature, Paul tells his story of how he found pinball, what drives him to compete, as well as his background in career and home life. It's a great story accompanied by some stunning photos of Paul and the game room he built himself, under his house! You also get to hear the story of why his friends call him DOG...

Click through to the Player Feature for an enormous 10 slides - an xmas and new years gift from us to you! We hope you enjoy.