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Podcast Episode 53: Australia Kong Off 3, Brisbane Pinball Masters, and the Australian Arcade Championship - Full Breakdown!

In this epic episode, Marc Matt and John delve into the tournaments and results that was the Australian Kong Off 3, Brisbane Pinball Masters, and the Australian Arcade Championship. The trio go into detail on the formats, the qualifying and strategies of each competition, and share their general feedback on this massive 10 day event!


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Podcast Episode 27! Kong Off II - Donkey Kong at Netherworld Barcade, Q-Bert Victory, ZBall Pinball League Final, Kaboom, and More!

Podcast Episode 27! John has a baby (congrats John!). Marc and Matt head up to Brisbane for the awesome Kong Off II tournament at Netherworld barcade, as well as get soundly beaten in the Z-Ball Pinball League Final in Sydney. We also chat about high level play in Ghouls'n Ghosts, and Kaboom! Controllers are frustrating!


Ep 14: Interview with Netherworld Bar Arcade's Jimmy Nails. Full Wrapup of 2018 Brisbane Pinball Masters. Sonic Mania Plus. We Eat 30 Year Old Donkey Kong Bubble Gum!

We interview Jimmy Nails, co-owner of the amazing Netherworld Bar Arcade in Brisbane. Marc provides an in depth rundown of the 2018 Brisbane Pinball Masters. John's been playing Sonic Mania Plus on the Switch. And we all eat (and presumably survive) 30 year old Donkey Kong bubble gum!