May - Henson Hotel

Qualifying is currently open at The Henson Hotel.
Final will be held Sunday the 5th of June 12noon (practice 11am).

A new tighter ruleset has been posted please have a look.

Players have unlimited qualifying time at the nominated venue from the first of the month until the end of the month. The goal being to get the best score on as many machines as you can. Your top six games will be ranked and you will earn points based on how high your ranking is for that game. Your points are then added together to give you an overall ranking which will determine which division you fall into for the final.

-Final will be held the first Sunday in the following month.
-No joining fee.
-Only cost is paying for the games you play.
-Will actually be worth some WPPRS..!

Final playoff
Finals will start at 12noon at the Henson on Sunday the 5th of June 12noon.
I expect the final playoff to take about 4 hours.
Top 8 will play off in groups of 4 in a 3 round IFPA style 7,5,3,1 final.

Everyone who submits qualifying scores will be in the final! You overall points will determine which division you fall into.

Top 8 will qualify for A division, the rest will go into B division.
This month we will have a prize for the winner of the B division! A div play for wppr points.

The each division will play off to determine their final position in the comp. The playoff will be on randomly chosen games and players will earn points on their position for each game
1st - 7 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 3 points
4th - 1 point

The points will be added up to determine finishing position. 


Submit your scores by posting a picture of yourself with the score on the screen behind you. Post it on our website:

You can also submit scores by emailing your picture to


The competition will be held at a different venue each month.



For the month of March will be duking it out at The Henson hotel.

91 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

Line up:

The Simpsons
Americas Most Haunted

Note: Due to having 4 games at the venue players best 2 scores will be taken, effectively giving us 8 games.